Visually yours is an invested partner in the Event Design Collective. An international team of event professionals who are improving the event industry standard through systematical design of change .

In pursuit of a strategically designed event value for the INTERNET SOCIETY  the collective was invited to help realise a huge global online event called INTERCOMMUNITY. This Global 24 hour event connected 56 celebratory nodes and 15 hourly interactive nodes starting in Los Angeles and going to such cities as Tokyo, Johannesburg, Beirut, Geneva and Guatalahara.
every hour yielded a visual summery made by two great visual translators (jefta Bade and Jochem Galama) and connected by Dennis Luijer of Visually yours.


To make this Visual come to life, we have put it inside of a V I S U A L – S P A C E: INTERCOMMUNITY.SPACE.

The idea behind this 360 transfer / infusion was to make the visual end result of the event a point of inspiration and remembrance beyond the event itself. When moving through the VISUAL-SPACE you can explore the summarised content of each different nodes. When you click on the cube, you will move to the twitter images made all over the world. When you engage the end station of this visual wall you will be taken to the final round table. The collected action points of each node can be experienced by moving over the nodes themselves.

Please enjoy by using the Keyboard arrow for left/right/ up and down. Use your mouse or trackpad to look around.

The intention of this V I S U A L –  S P A C E  is to map out and SHOW the HUMANITY of the internet. The internet is a force for good and Humanity is at the centre of its growth. #shapetomorrow #next25.


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